Our Portfolio

From healthcare clinics to trusted private companies, Acron Soft has a rich list of clients. Find out in our portfolio how we have helped to amplify their impact!

These are some of our projects


AWS-based SaaS for Google Assistant

A Shopify application for stores whose product can be found through any Google Assistant capable device, like Android phones or Google Mini. I’ve led the team, built the specifications, and worked on the integration with Amazon’s AWS services


JurisLink - A Platform for Legal Team Collaboration

A forum-like platform that acts as an internal communication tool but also as a gateway between the firm and its clients. The topics represent cases in relation to the clients, and they are discussed, assigned, tracked, and solved by the team. A separate module allows exposing certain files to the public, assuring a strong separation of the data for security reasons. I led the team and developed the data separation module and its API.


Pontaj: proximity-enabled employee time clock system

Time tracking platform for keeping the time through mobile application or via browser access. It features a geo-location validation of the working premises that allows checking in only when the user is close to the building.


sCounter – mobile warehouse management

Mobile application and API-based backend for barcode and QR code counting. The platform was created for validating event tickets, counting stocks in stores or counting anything that carries barcode or QR tags. In its smallest configurations, it only requires Wi-Fi-connected Android phones to one that stores the database and platform.


iCare – responsible waste collection platform

A platform to encourage the collection of waste by the population by mounting smart devices on garbage containers in order to count and remunerate the activities of citizens who protect the environment. They receive convertible points and then goods in partner stores.


eTaxi platform and mobile apps

A full-stack platform and mobile applications for taxi drivers and their clients. Features 2 different applications, one for clients and the other for drivers, an online platform for call management and car tracking, online payments, special-priced routes, and a management panel for subcontractors.


SRED - Romanian Society Of Digestive Endoscopy

The Romanian Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SRED) is an autonomous professional-scientific organization bringing together specialist physicians practicing digestive endoscopy and gastroenterology residents.


UMFCV - University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova, through its faculties and study specializations at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels, is an academic institution where the educational component is predominant, but where scientific research must gain in size and substance, with a clear perspective of balancing the two components in the medium term.

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